10th August 2020

Raheem Sterling’s new shoe campaign has led to the new Bathing Ape and Clarks Orginals footwear products selling out in just eight minutes.

The Manchester City and England forward has fronted the collaboration between BAPE and British shoe manufacturer Clarks, with the latest makes released to the public on August 8.

And the new shoes proved to be such a hit that they were snapped up in minutes and caused the BAPE webstore to crash.

The Premier League forward was captured posing in the Wallabee Silhouette shoes, which he says is his favourite brand of shoe.

Clarks Originals has enjoyed great popularity in Kingston, Jamaica from the 1960s onwards, which is the place where 25-year-old footballer was born.

Several social media users took to Twitter to express their disappointment in missing out on the footwear collection.

One person tweeted that the shoes were ‘harder to get hold of than gold’, while another said they flew off the shelves like ‘hot bread’.

The Wallabee shoe contains a co-branded leather lining, a unique shark tooth tread and a signature BAPE camo textile on a suede vamp.

The Desert Boot, which is also part of the collaboration, contains a different type of artwork on each shoe and also has a signature crepe outsole.

This new shoe is the first of an exciting collaboration that the Manchester City and England has been working on in partnership with Clarks Originals.